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            Since his breakthrough performance in 1999 as ‘Witt’ in Terrance Malick’s “The Thin Red Line,” Jim Caviezel (pronounced Kuh-vee-zuhl) has rapidly become one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.


            Caviezel can currently be seen in the title role of Buena Vista film’s “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Directed by Kevin Reynolds, and also starring Guy Pearce, the story is based on Edmond Dantes (Caviezel), a sailor falsely imprisoned in an island jail for treason. He eventually escapes, becomes rich, and wreaks revenge upon the men who famed him.


            To be released in April 2002, Jim will also be seen starring in 20th Century Fox’s “High Crimes” opposite Ashley Judd. The story centers around Claire Chapman (Judd), a San Francisco attorney who teams up with a former military attorney (Morgan Freeman) to defend her husband, Tom Chapman (Caviezel), in military court. The military has declared him a deserter, charging him with participating in a mass killing in El Salvador. Can she get him free? As the disturbing top secret details of the crime are revealed, will she want to?


Caviezel was most recently seen starring in Warner Bros.’ “Angel Eyes” opposite Jennifer Lopez. He also co-starred with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment in the Warner Bros. film “Pay It Forward” as a homeless recovering heroin addict taken by a boy looking to start a program of good deeds. Last spring, he starred opposite Dennis Quaid and Andre Braugher in the New Line Cinema sci-fi feature “Frequency,” portraying a New York cop who discovers he can communicate with his late firefighter father who died in 1969.


            Also in 1999, he appeared in “Ride with the Devil,” the Civil War epic directed by Ang Lee.


            Growing up in rural Mount Vernon, Washington, acting was far from Jim’s mind. While still in his teens, however, he decided to test his abilities by auditioning in Seattle for a small part as an Italian ticket agent in Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho.” He landed the role by fooling casting agents into believing he was a recent Italian immigrant.


            Also upcoming for Jim is a starring role in the independent film, “Madison,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  The film is the true story about the economically depressed community of Madison, Indiana, and its desire to win a Gold Cup hydroplane boat race to be held in their small town.


Personal Details


Birth name:                               James Patrick Caviezel

Date & location of birth:  September 26, 1968     Mount Vernon, Washington

Height:                          6’2”

Spouse:                                    Kerri Caviezel  (1996)

Parents:                                    Jim and Maggie Caviezel

Siblings:                                    3 sisters (Ann, Amy, Erin), 1 brother (Tim)

Trivia:                -           Grew up in a tight-knit Catholic family.

                        -           His surname is Romansch (Rhaeto-Romanic), from Switzerland.

-                      Met his wife on a blind date in 1993.  She is a high school English teacher.

-                      He played basketball in college, but took up acting after injuring his foot.




1.                   High Crimes   (2002)  --  Tom Chapman

2.                   The Count of Monte Cristo   (2002)  --  Edmond Dantes / The Count of Monte Cristo  … aka Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo   (2002;  USA complete title)

3.                   Madison   (2001)  --  Jim McCormick

4.                   Angel Eyes   (2001)  --  Catch Lambert

5.                   Pay It Forward   (2000)  --  Jerry

6.                   Frequency   (2000)  --  John Francis ‘Little Chief’ Sullivan

7.                   Ride with the Devil   (1999)  --  Black John

8.                   The Thin Red Line   (1998)  --  Private Witt

9.                   G.I. Jane   (1997)  --  ‘Slov’ Slovnik

10.               The Rock   (1996)  --  Rear F-18 pilot

11.               Ed   (1996)  --  Dizzy Anderson

12.               A Good Day to Die   (1995, TV)  --  Dexter

… aka Children of the Dust  (1995, TV)

13.               Wyatt Earp   (1994)  --  Warren Earp

14.               Diggstown   (1992) --  Billy Hargrove

… aka Midnight Sting   (1992)

15.               My Own Private Idaho   (1991)  --  Airline clerk