C5 Suspension and Cooling
by Bart A. Lane #W1379

Cooling and Suspension Photos
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Old Parts

Here you can see the old parts removed from the car. Hope you have strong fore-arms to get those stiff Z51 shocks installed.


New Radiator
Happy day. The excellent Fluidyne aluminum radiator arrives from Mallett Cars.



Both Radiators

You can see in this shot that the the aluminum radiator is over three times as thick as the tiny stock unit.


Drill The Holes

This is where I had to drill holes in the fan shroud so I could mount it to the new radiator with bolts and washers. Very simple to do and probably holds better.


InstalledAfter a whole afternoon of work the engine is warming up in my driveway. Check real good for leaks. I was luck and did not have any but this is not always the case. My engine is now an ice cube.

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