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We've all heard a lot  about the new CORVETTE C6
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Through sources we can't name, we've obtained this photo...
Could this be it???

When the C5 came out.. There was a lot of comment such as: "they ruined the CORVETTE", It's big butt is butt ugly, etc. , Are we in for another round of that?

Artist view of rear quarter... Same Car as above.


Could this Rear Shot show the new Admiral Blue that will replace the current "Electron Blue"?

  The C6 carries the factory and engineering codename GMX 245 and is scheduled to arrive in showrooms by late spring of 2004.

There were  rumors swirling around Detroit that the C6 would get an overhead-cam V8. Not So.. As has been the case with Corvettes for decades ( with the exception of the ZR1 ), chief engineer Dave Hill has once again chosen a small-block pushrod V8 to power C6. The engine, known as a Gen IV V8, will be based on the 5.7-liter LS1 and LS6 V8s used in the C5. Sources say the standard mill in the C6 delivers 400 horsepower, with 400 lb-ft of torque, within 5 horsepower of today's Z06.

The high-performance LS6 in the Z06 jumps to 425 hp and some 415 lb-ft of torque.
The next Z06 is scheduled to be introduced as a 2006 model.

Temptation to give the C6 a high-tech engine seems almost too great for GM's powertrain engineers. Thus they are working on a variable-displacement, power-on-demand management system called Displacement on Demand. The technology can shut down two or four cylinders when not needed for better fuel economy on the highway.

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