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Scott Kohn of Corvette Central in new 2004 commemorative edition coupe at the C5 Birthday Bash.

Corvette Central has been the caretaker of the Corvette legend since 1985.  Back then, the hobby was much different than it is today.  It was a time of swap meets, not catalogs.  It was a time of new soft bumpers, catalytic converters and modest horsepower.

From the very beginning, Jerry Kohn’s passion for “getting it right” has transcended into every phase of the business. Working hard to carry on his father’s philosophy, Scott Kohn applies this same to Corvette Central catalogs, marketing and product sourcing.

Our catalogs have become the standard by which all others are judged, and these catalogs have evolved into five generation-specific reference catalogs and an accessory catalog.  Included in this line up is a C5 catalog specifically designed for C5 owners.  Watch for the latest edition of the new 88-oag C5 catalog due in May 2003!

As C5 Registry Corporate members, we find that our membership keeps us up-to-date with the latest in the world of C5s.  Corvette Central is proud to support the C5 Registry and is pleased to bring you this informative article written by Hib Halverson.

This article by Hib Halverson, details the new Magnetic Ride Suspension system, a current option on the C5, but showing up on the new C6 CORVETTE and Cadillac XLR.  We have dedicated a large portion of our printed newsletter to this technical advancement ~ we believe this is the beginning of C6 technology!

I want to personally thank Scott Kohn with Corvette Central, C5 Registry Corporate Member # WC003 since February 1998, for their sponsorship of the Magnetic Ride Suspension article. Scott and his father, Gerald, are both great friends of mine and of the C5 Registry.  - Jake Drennon

 You can view the article CLICKING HERE!!!

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