Administrative Message Dated 7/20/2000
Adminstrative Number: CHG20000136

Subject: Corvette Color Constraints

In addition to providing Chevrolet dealers with a useful tool, the introduction of the new sold order entry process has provided the Corvette team with an excellent opportunity. We are now able to gain valuable market demand information on options and colors for the Corvette from the actual orders you enter.

In reviewing the sold orders that have been entered into the VOMS system for the Corvette Coupe, Convertible and Z06, we have noticed a large percentage of orders for Millennium Yellow and Magnetic Red. This confirms our understanding of the sizable demand for these colors. We would like to provide some clarification about the production limitations on these two colors.

Both the Millennium Yellow and Magnetic Red receive a special tinted clear coat finish that requires an additional run through the paint facility. While this additional coat provides a beautiful, deep finish – it also limits the production capability of these colors. Currently, Bowling Green is able to produce 85 Millennium Yellow Corvettes per week, and 75 Magnetic Red Corvettes per week. The Corvette team has done, and will continue to do, everything in our power to maximize the production on these special colors. We will, however, face a limit on how many of these vehicles we can build.

We ask that you exercise due care when accepting and entering sold Corvette orders for vehicles with either of these colors. Please be sure to set your customer’s expectations appropriately. The new sold order entry procedure will have absolutely no effect on the number of total Corvettes you are allocated, nor the number of Millennium Yellow or Magnetic Red constraints you receive. Promising a customer that you can obtain an allocation for one of these colors solely on the fact that you can enter the order into the system would be a costly mistake that might likely lead to a dissatisfied customer and a lost sale.


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