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The Friendship 7 C5's

The Friendship 7 Corvette C5's
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VIN Number Year Job Number Trans Color Combination STS-95 Shuttle
Crew Member
1G1YY32G3X5103118 1999 003412 Automatic Torch Red
Oak Top and Interior
Curtis L. Brown,
1G1YY32G4W5123411 1998 010143 Six Speed Torch Red
Oak Top and Interior
Steven W. Lindsey
1G1YY32G0X5100029 1999 010898 Six Speed Magnetic Red
Oak Top and Interior
Scott E. Parazynski
Mission Specialist
1G1YY32G6X5100701 1999 003475 Automatic White
Black Top and Interior
Stephen K Robinson
Mission Specialist
1G1YY32G7X5103252 1999 003175 Automatic White - White Top
Pewter Interior
Pedro Duque
Mission Specialist
1G1YY32G1W5124712 1998 007561 Six Speed Torch Red
Black Top and Interior
Chiaki Mukai
Payload Specialist
1G1YY32G6X5100505 1999 002025 Automatic Silver
Black Top and Interior
John H. Glenn
Payload Specialist

Special Note: John Glenn's C5 Corvette Included the Following Additional Options:
     HUD (Head Up Display)
     F45 Suspension
     G92 Performance Axle
     JL4 Active Handling
     Sport Interior

Backup Vehicles          
VIN Number Year Make Model Color Combination Purpose
2G1FP32G6W2146064 1998 Camaro Z28SS CV
White Top and Interior
Backup Parade
STS-95 Vehicle
2G1FP32G4X2107734 1999 Camaro Z28 CV Blue
White Top and Interior
Backup Parade
STS-95 Vehicle

Photo's Courtesy of: NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Commander Brown

STS-95 Commander Curtis L. Brown Jr. gets behind the wheel as C5 Registry
Director Dan Adovasio looks on.

The Parade

Commander Brown (in front), along with the other crew members behind him, waves to the crowd.

Mukai and Jake

Payload Specialist Chiaki Mukai is perched on the back of a red Corvette convertible. (Would you sit there with Jake driving??)

John Glenn

Payload Specialist John H. Glenn Jr. waves to the dense crowd from the back of a silver Corvette convertible during a parade down State Road A1A in nearby Cocoa Beach. The parade is reminiscent of those held after missions during the Mercury Program.

glenn2.jpg (25944 bytes)

Center Director Roy Bridges and
John H. Glenn Jr. greet well-wishers following the parade.

John Glenn and Ted Williams

John H. Glenn Jr. (left) greets baseball legend Ted Williams following the parade. Ted was John H. Glenn's Wingman during the Korean Conflict .... John Glenn said, "Men like Ted Williams are some of America's real Hero's. Ted's plane was shot down 2 times in Korea...and he survived to be one of America's GREAT baseball Stars."

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