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Jake and Collectors Gold

Jake thinking about driving the collector's gold C5 that was at the Route 66 Show. It was Sequence # 8, VIN#1GG1YY22G6W5110640.   It was part of the "Drive Your Dream" event here at the show where anyone could drive the corvette of your dreams.







The early comers to the show getting together at the Empress Casino for a another great C5 Registry evening of fun and frolic. I can still hear Jeff Corbel saying:
"Dan it is only $"





The BIG SURPRISE!!! I turned my back for a minute and when I turned around it was here, a 1999 "Hardtop". All the driver said was " Are you the C5 Registry? I was told to park it here." and in a flash he was gone and the 1999 Hardtop was left in our care......There is a Santa ....even if he comes in June!
We took a lot of photos of the 1999 Hardtop (Formerly "Fixed Roof Coupe"), but abiding by our agreement with GM and Chevrolet, we will not publish them until given permission.)

Sill Plate On 1999 Fixed Roof Coupe



As was said on Hot News On April 22, 1998 - 1999 C5's will have Black Plastic Sill Protectors, embossed with the word CORVETTE. We believe this going to be Standard Equipment  on every C5 for 1999.   And here is the proof....I guess that one for us!!!!!
Yes we will get you the part # and post it ASAP for all those who want to order them for your 1998 & 1997 C5s.)

Door Sill Logo















Friday night the caravan to dinner for the C5 Registry at White Fence Farms. We had some great discussions about the C5 Registry, C5s, And Chevrolet Management. Including a Question and answer session lead by Dan And Jake..



The Group





Hey !! It's Dark In Here !!

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