Day 2

Day 2..
April 17, 1999

Welcome to the 1999 C5 Birthday Bash

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The second "Official" Day of the Birthday Bash! - Group Photo C5-Registry!

The C5 !

Dave Hill promised us paint chips of the two new 2000 Corvette Colors....
yelfender.jpg (26818 bytes)
Millenium Yellow

Here they are!
grnfender.jpg (27793 bytes)
Dark Bowling Green Metallic

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The wind was chilly..

speak2.jpg (21635 bytes)
But the C5 faithful gathered outside

speak3.jpg (22966 bytes)
For the Morning Welcome Meetings

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It's Off to the

Dinner and Auction Click Here

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Corvette Engineer Tom Hill,
Jake Drennon and Ben Alexander