The Early Bird Cookout

Hosted By:
Wendell and Jan Strode,
1869 Homestead
April 15, 1999

Welcome to the 1999 C5 Birthday Bash

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The food was Great, and the Cookout was a success with over 210 in attendance!

bbq0.jpg (14784 bytes)
C5's Coming to the Cookout at the Strode's 1869 Homestead

bbq1.jpg (15091 bytes)
Hungry C5 Registry Members lined up at the barn door

bbq2.jpg (15224 bytes)
Lots of C5's !

bbq4.jpg (23828 bytes)
Here's a pretty sight!

bbqmad.jpg (16031 bytes)
The First C5 Purchased was there.
Brought by Mid America

bbq5.jpg (18651 bytes)
Now.. Is this a hungry looking bunch?

bbq7.jpg (19454 bytes)
This was a chance to see old friends and make some new ones....

bbq8.jpg (20256 bytes)
and to talk over past events.

bbq9.jpg (22972 bytes)
John Cafaro talks Corvette with
C5 Registry Members

bbq10.jpg (20835 bytes)
Even our Director Jake Drennon stopped his activities to enjoy the Great Bowling Green Bar-B-Que

Thanks Wendell and Jan for a great kickoff to the weekend!!

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