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Day 1..
April 16, 1999

Welcome to the 1999 C5 Birthday Bash

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The first "Official" Day of the Birthday Bash!

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Early in the morning, despite the cold
C5 Registry Members..

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Ready their C5's for the first day of

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Pro AutoTech's Mongoose is ready for the drive from the Drury to the NCM

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Member's begin arriving at the NCM
to register for the events

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C5 Registry director Jake Drennon, starts the process...

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Then, it's off to the NCM conference room where Stephanie passes out the packets

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C5 Registry director Dan Adovasio welcomes the Registry members and is..

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Soon joined by Jake Drennon

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It's not just the Tuners with some wild graphics on their C5's!
C5 Registry Member Larry Puebla's C5

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Corvette Plant Manager
Wil Cooksie relaxes before we move to present the Corvette Plant Employees with the "Thank You" Pins

It's off to the Plant.. Click Here!