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Day 1..
April 16, 1999

Welcome to the 1999 C5 Birthday Bash

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The first "Official" Day of the Birthday Bash! - Off to the Plant!

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Two abreast, the C5 Registry members in their C5's make their way down the plant road to the plant entrance

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Lined up along the entrance.. The members want to make sure the Plant workers know we appreciate our Corvettes!

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The workers are handed their pins then..

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head for the door, and loud
"Thank You's!

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Plant workers are asked to autograph a special t-shirt before running the applause gauntlet

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The man with the most enviable job in America, Ernest Foote (he's the first person to start every Corvette coming down the line) signs the t-shirt

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Plant workers leave for the day with a round of applause from Registry Members, and GM Management, including Jim Campbell, and
Wil Cooksie

After a day of greetings, shopping in the NCM Store, seminars, demonstrations, plant tours and celebration, it's off to

C5 Registry Dinner..