Day 2

Day 2..
Dinner and Auction

April 16, 1999

Welcome to the 1999 C5 Birthday Bash

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The second "Official" Day of the Birthday Bash! - Dinner and Auction
The C5 Birthday Bash Dinner Auction raised just under $23,000 for the
National Corvette Museum!

Jake Takes The Cake!!
Jake Takes The Cake!
The C5 Registry Members Raised $500 for the chance to hit C5 Registry Director Jake Drennon in the Face with a C5 Chocolate Cake! The Cake slingers are: Chaz Cone, Tony Petrea and Buzz Nielsen.


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C5 Registry Corporate Member - Mid-America Designs contributed a large part toward the success of the
2nd Annual C5 Birthday Bash

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C5 Registry Members enjoy the Dinner at the Museum

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Jake Drennon, Dan Adovasio and Chevrolet Brand Manager Jim Campbell

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The Dave Hill statue donated by the C5 Registry during the 1998 Birthday Bash

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Registry Member Walker Brower bid $6000 for the 2000 Millenium Yellow Corvette fender

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Registry Member Chaz Cone also takes a cake for a $200 bid.

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