The Official C5 Registry
Birthday Bash West
October 19 - 21, 2001
Chandler, Arizona

Registry Dinner

The C5 Registry dinner began with a cocktail/social hour at 6:PM. An excellent Prime Rib was served, with talks by Dan Adovasio, JD Purvis (Route 66), and Jim Contes from the GM Proving grounds in Mesa. Jim showed us a video of a test with the C5 test mule at speed. And spoke of Up-Coming engines for the C6. A Generation 4 6 liter base engine with 405 HP and a possible 6.4 liter option engine at 455HP. Jim said the Z06 would stay at 405 HP until 2004.

GM Test Engineer Jim Contes

Test Mule at speed 178 MPH test. Jim said his "cool down" laps were at 120MPH!

C5 Registry Member Dennis Williams was the winner of this framed and signed print of a C5 by Artist Jeff Dorgay of WallWerks. Available at:

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