C5 Brake System Upgrade - Photo Guide
by Bart A. Lane #W1379

Brake System Upgrade Photos.
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On Hoist

Here is a shot of the hoist in action which I purchased from Auto Lifters of America. This is my favorite view of the C5 - undergoing surgery.


Old PartsYou can see all of the old parts removed and laid out on the ground. Notice the drip pans scavenged to keep brake fluid off the floor. Suspension upgrade is also underway.


Rear Apart  Front ApartThese two shots show the brakes completely removed from the car. The C5 has the oddest emergency brake I have ever seen. It only has one big shoe that wraps all the way around. if you accidentally pop a shoe off it is a real bugger to install again so be careful.


New PadsThese are the Mallett silver street pads. I have applied a coating of Napa anti-brake squeak compound on the back. Let this dry before installing.



Front Rotor   Rear Rotor

The finished product!!! Believe me these are beautiful pictures to a brake fanatic like myself. A picture is worth a thousand words so you don't have to read the article, just look at these!!

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