Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I, artist A. Lee Bivens, proudly presents Dale Earnhardt. My 16 year art career has culminated by a blessing from the Earnhardt's to produce this lithograph titled "The Greatest Warrior" Indeed, a great honor to be chosen to produce this art work.

I am introducing this limited edition print to a very specific audience, to you the-drivers of America's greatest sports car. Why you ask that it is Corvette enthusiasts I am offering this exclusive print simply that I like the car and the people that drive them. Also, the history and relationships between my art work, Corvette, Mr. Earnhardt and his historic drive in the C5R at Daytona is significant. A brief history, in 1998 I was asked by the Earnhardts to paint a large mural in their museum, I agreed and spent many days on location at DEI. About the same time I met the fine folks of Corvettes of Carlisle and was contracted to produce a collection of limited edition prints featuring the C5R (factory racer) thus becoming their "Official Artist". During my stay with the Earnhardts I presented Dale a Corvette lithograph. Dale liked the painting and agreed to license a similar painting which would feature him in his' #3 Nascar. That original Corvette lithograph not only lead to the creation of "The Greatest Warrior" print, but possibly assisted in Dales motivation to drive the C5R. Because only a few days after my C5R art gift to Dale, a surprise press release was issued stating that the worlds greatest car driver would be behind the wheel of the fabulous C5R for the Daytona 24 hour.

Presently I am working on the third painting for the Corvettes of Carlisle collection which has become a part of my soul due to the fact that every year I travel to the show meet thousands of Corvette art collectors and fans! My respect for Dale Earnhardt is unchallenged, he is and was the greatest of human beings not only during competition but on a personal basis. My respect for Corvette, GM engineers and those of you that drive this fine automobile is also very important to me as well and I want you to have a copy of this limited edition art work before they are sold out.

Please call the art studio toll free to order, review the master list (to select a special edition number) or for general questions 24/7. Toll
Free: (888) 722-1398. Thank you for your time and GODSPEED.

Sincerely the artist,

Art Lee Bivens
Note: When ordering this remarkable print from the Artist studio, mention you are a C5 Registry Member,
and the artist, Lee Bivens, will include a free gift.  The price is $145.00 per print for the regular prints of which there are 1000 and $245.00 for one of the 500 artist proofs. Each artist proof print includes a pencil drawing re-mark by the artist. - Dan