The first day of the 5th Anniversary celebration was something to see! Double lines of Corvettes rolled home to Bowling Green with the Northern Caravan splitting off and parking at the plant while the southern Caravan Howard Dickman's C5parked behind the NCM. The Caravan Leader's cars were brought to the NCM grounds. The photo on the left is of C5 Registry Member Howard Dickman's C5. Notice the Corvettes beginning to park in the background.

Caravan's Arrive


As the caravan's arrived, the C5 Registry Tents, (Located across the drive from Cafaro's Hill ) became a center for Registry activity.

The C5 Registry  was founded on Cafaro's Hill during the 1997 NCM Labor Day Celebration, so this occasion marks the Second Anniversary of the C5 Registry. From one member in 1997 to close to 3000 Members in 1999.



C5 Registry Tents



It was a hot day in Bowling Green, and the C5 Registry tents provided shade while Sharon Dibble of Steve Moore Chevrolet served Hot Dogs, and Soft Drinks to thirsty and hungry registry members. Museum Lifetime members who are also members of the C5 Registry were allowed to park in front of the Registry Tents.


Members in Tent




Red, White and Blue C5'sThe Corvette Plant brought over two transports loaded with new 2000 C5's The first loaded with Red, White and Blue C5's representing the theme of the celebration.



Yellow  and Green C5's

The second transport was loaded with the two new C5 Colors, Millennium Yellow, and Dark Bowling Green Metallic. The transports were parked near the C5 Registry tents.

The Second Day

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